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Thermal Spa


Everything you've always dreamed of

The Thermal Spa at Vidago Palace Hotel is a space of sophisticated elegance where well-being and the power of thermal waters combine to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Thermal Spa

thermal Spa_pool

The minimalist space, with straight lines and white marble, designed by the famous international architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, gives the Spa at Vidago Palace Hotel a modern atmosphere that conveys tranquillity and well-being, even before enjoying any treatment.

Enjoy the therapeutic and healing properties of the natural mineral waters, complementing your stay with a refreshing shower, the passage through the invigorating ice fountain or energising your body in the luxurious vitality pool, located in the wonderful outdoor atmosphere.


Vidago Palace Thermal Spa provides a complete wellness experience. It offers a variety of programmes effective in rejuvenating the body and mind. The programmes with Vidago mineral water have therapeutic and healing properties. These waters are collected directly from deep wells in granite rock. Benefits are obtained by its digestive, musculoskeletal, sedative
actions, namely on the metabolism, the cardiovascular system and skin.




Ingestion of mineral water from Vidago which, through its mineral-rich composition, has diuretic and alkalising effects and acts positively on the digestive system. Treatment usually lasts a minimum of 7 days, but may vary according to medical prescription.

Duche de Jato

Jet Shower


Shower directed to specific points that can be general or partial. It causes an increase in muscle tone and is stimulating.

Banho de Imersão

Immersion Baths


Simple immersion is performed in a bathtub with natural mineral water without any chemical or physical modification other than temperature. It is administered between 36°C and 42°C for a period between 10 and 20 minutes.

Banho de hidromassagem

Hydromassage Baths


Performed in a proper bathtub through jets with alternate circuits that meet the desired effect. Allows you to relax and oxygenate all the muscles, obtaining excellent results in rheumatic and muscular problems and accumulated stress.


Hydro-massage with jets


Hydro-massage using an underwater jet, whose strength is attenuated by the bath water. It has the effect of relaxing, decontracting and mobilizing edemas, as well as locally activating circulation.

Duche Vicky

Vichy Shower


This is one of the most relaxing thermal treatments and consists of a body massage that can be general or partial, under the effect of several showers of Vidago thermal water. This treatment combines massage techniques with the pressure exerted by the water jets. It releases accumulated tensions, stimulates blood circulation and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Personalised packages and a range of treatments are synonymous with a unique experience. Explore the variety we have to offer, promising a fantastic rejuvenation of Body and Mind. Let yourself relax with a fantastic massage or try one of our innovative World Therapies.

Aesthetic Medicine

The Thermal Spa of the Vidago Palace is a unique space where you can enjoy aesthetic medicine and anti-aging treatments, performed by specialized medical professionals, combined with the healing properties of our natural mineral water.

The absolute European leader in face and body care, Clarins is the partner brand of the Vidago Palace Thermal Spa. A partnership of excellence based on a common philosophy: the innate sense of elegance, proven quality and personalized service. The science that awakens the senses, through precious 100% natural plant extracts, optimized thanks to special movements, in manual treatments.

Enter a new world of emotions and discovery, with the dedication of our therapists, trained to the highest international standards, enriching your experience with the richness of the natural mineral water of Vidago, the "perfect treatment" for mind, body and soul.

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